Eve’s Shoe Educare Classes

Nursery & Crèche

The crèche consists of Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Puppies, Swallows and Bees.

We can take babies from 1 month old. Children are placed in the various groups according to age and development and will move up to a different group once they have reached the appropriate age or development stage. Ages given in our breakdown of the classes are merely a guideline, as it changes depending on need.

The emphasis in the crèche falls on care, physical and social development with the academic program starting from Nursery 1 for complete cognitive development.

Our aim is to ensure that all our children are happy and are receiving individual attention according to their needs. Some children develop faster than others. We try and meet all needs.

Pre-Primary With Grade-R

We have a fully independent pre-primary school and the children follow a daily class program and a 4 term school calendar. The children wear a school uniform during term to facilitate outdoor play and LifeSkills activities.

The pre-primary classes consist of:

  • Gr 00 (for the 4 year olds): Seals, Dolphins
  • Gr 0 (for the 5 year olds turning 5 between July and December)
  • Gr R(2)(for the 5 year olds turning 5 between January and June and for 6 year olds.)
  • Gr R(1)(for 6 year olds)

The children are placed in groups according to age.

We follow a structured education program, which is stimulating and creative at the same time.

The Gr R CAPS curriculum is prescribed by the National Education Department. This curriculum is followed in our Gr R(1) and Gr R(2) and Gr 0 classes. We have scaled this down for our Gr 00 classes, so that they can get a head start with their academic development.

Reports are issued four times a year for all classes. A baseline assessment is also done in Gr R in January to help assess their school readiness.

Aftercare & Holiday Care


Primary School children attend our aftercare in the afternoons and during the school holidays. We offer transport to and from Milnerton Primary School, Seamount Primary School, Woodbridge Primary School and Tygerhof Primary School. The Holy Cross Convent, Brooklyn children also attend our aftercare and holiday care programmes.

The aftercare teachers do supervised homework with the children and if they do not have homework, they are given supplementary work to do. They can relax and are supervised outdoors (weather permitting) once their homework is complete.
They also have cooked meals and snacks.

Holiday Care

A holiday program is offered during the holidays for our regular aftercare children and also for casuals. Any primary school children from Gr R can attend. Aftercare children don’t pay extra to attend during the holidays. There is a daily fee payable by all other casual attendees.

Casual Care

All children from 1 month to Gr R can attend on a casual basis. This is especially beneficial for families who are on holiday from abroad or nationally or who are here for work purposes and who wish for their children to be taken care of during this time.
Any parent wishing to make use of this service can enquire for full details.